Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mathematical Model of a B-Schooler

It was another boring and hectic night and the day. As I was getting bored to the point I was looking to the ceiling and making patterns of the blotches in white-wash, a slightly more interesting idea came to me. My next weird project, developing a "Mathematical model of participation and interest of a B-School class (Good idea to pass a term spl after learning to use SPSS) in the subjects over the term in particular and the program as a whole."

I hypothesize that it is a positively shifted exponentially decreasing absolute function with pulses of a decreasing amplitude and a linearly increasing time period, starting around a week and going onto a longer period of around a term.

Explanation: The shift is given to ensure that it always remains on the positive and appears lucrative to a non-B-Schooler. When the student enters the B-School, (s)he is full of enthusiasm and more so expectation. The initial momentum is squashed in the first few days when (s)he discovers that a B-School is not much different from the bachelors or the job he was doing - the same mundane task of searching for data and placing it into contexts which suit the preferences of the evaluator continues. The interest continues to decline rapidly at first. There are a few short bursts of interest whenever he sees some interesting assignments or projects. Then, as the deadlines close and he doesn’t find time to even think about the project until the morning (or at best, the night) of the submission, the decline continues. Thus, on a declining trend, ends the first term. The second term brings in new hope, though the magnitude is greatly diminished. Goes without saying, not much changes from the first term. The interest decreases and alarmingly, what decreases is the effort put in. The third term is where the realisation dawns that the whole exercise is futile. The peak of interest is also reduced. Well, this is the point where I lie currently. Low on interest and loyyer on effort. Lets see if the curve follows the hypothesised curve right upto the end of course or shows a deviation from the hypothesis.



Anonymous said...

Awesome.. But this is true for any course I guess... So u can rename the post - Mathematical model of a Student :)

Anonymous said...

Hypothesis testing : that " it " is .. hypothesis does not include a definitive subject

Critical value at the test is being executed , if its statistically or highly statistically significant has not been mentioned.

Distribution taken to evaluate the test is not mentioned, and if test statistic ( deviation from orginal curve ) taken is the sum of squared errors from mean or other model is yet to be stated.

- This is what happens when your bored. And I dont think youll ever guess who wrote this

MMM said...

Wow... Now that is wat I call an interested guy/gal :)