Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Drops...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean - Do I need one that big to sink into!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

All's well that Ends Well...

Finally it’s done... The feeling of wait is over – I’ll miss these days... Here’s a short list of wat I’ll miss:
  • First and foremost, meeting the seniors day-in-day-out. I know most of them may not remember any of us, and that we tracked each one of them through their arduous journey is a fact that not many will know or acknowledge.
  • Running behind one pparticularly sweet PCommer who kept forgetting things – most of aall, FOOD!!!
  • Getting stares and requests from the people in process and more often than not, fullfilling them to my content.
  • Calling up the FnB team at the most awkward of times to order for some really reallly awkward demands.
  • Calling up one non-V-Group V anytime I couldn’t find anyone to do a job!!!
  • Allotting companies and then realising the coordinator was not in town!!!
  • Cribbing about not being studying and sc#$%ing up OR test coz all others were busy with studying and couldn’t be there in the process.
  • Scolding and threaatening PCom with non-cooperation (or at least appear to) even when I cudn’t bring myself to, in anyway, endanger the process..
I dunno wat the official release says, but one thing’s for sure – it nevver can estimate the value of the joy of hearing the official release with a 100% result in these tiimes. I’ll miss waiting for this moment...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Democracy...

Dear Blog,

It’s the election time once again. It’s the time for allegations and counter allegations to fly. Its time when the media – the essence of a free democracy – should play its most important role, that of bringing in news that matters, that of informing the voter about his candidate, that of helping him make an informed decision, that of making everyone realise how important it is to exercise his right to control the future of India.

I was just reading the news and reviews of Varun Gandhi’s “Hate Speech” and something just struck me. Why do we find that the congress can seldom find anything faulty in the opposition but being communal? I’m no supporter of BJP but given their past record, I’m forced to believe they do fight on issues – issues which affect the country. Talking of a Hindu-Raashtra is no doubt communal and condemnable but at least better than policy of minority appeasement. We as usual, do not learn from the history. The policy of appeasement has, in the very recent past, led to a world-war and another internal one is surely on the cards.

It is now that the Indian population is realising that the policy of appeasement remains at that – a policy. An earnest implementation will lead to erosion in the complete vote-bank of the appeasers. The inherent problem of the policy of appeasement is that the face of the appeased are benefitted and thus like the whole community to believe that they are benefitted by the policies which is far from truth. The inherent selfish nature of these privileged few ensures that the truth behind the sham of the policy is never brought to the fore.

Can we have an election where no sops are announced for any category of individuals? Can we have an election which just talks of improvements in the system through inclusive development and not through exclusive opportunities for a few? Can we have an election where the election commission need not intervene in matters of money-distribution and mutilation of a free and neutral democracy?


Friday, March 20, 2009

Legacy Costs...

Dear Blog,

The culture, they say, is the biggest asset that any organisation can have. Yes, the culture, when it is started is the biggest asset but as with every long-term asset, it has its own depreciation rate. In a stark contrast to other accounting assets, culture is one asset that doesn’t depreciate to zero - it goes beyond that. It goes on to become a negative asset or a liability. The rate of depreciation then starts increasing and the liability of culture on the organisation starts increasing. It can go on to a point where the organisation becomes bankrupt just because of the strong culture that it had.

The rate of depreciation of the culture is higher if it is founded on principles of “information is power and must be preserved to derive competitive advantage”. Unfortunately, in an environment which is highly competitive, this principle is more fundamental to the existence of the organisation than any other. And this tenet of closed-door working philosophies lead to an environment which further speeds up these legacy costs.

It is these bankrupt conditions that prevent (when in fact they should promote) the efficient functioning of a change agent – an agent who looks to examine the conditions and precursors to the asset of culture being adopted and also if that baggage needs to be carried any longer. Any overhaul suggested is seen as tampering the sacrosanct liability accrued over years!!!

Looking to be the change agent...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

No, Not Yet...

It was a long summer night,
And elongated it would be,
I saw a hope, a light,
Thought the sun would rise,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

I leaned an ear to my side,
To listen to a soothing voice,
I heard a chirp, I felt,
Thought my bird was back,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

I stretched all around,
For the touch I so longed,
I brushed a soft feather,
Thought I would be soothed,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

Given up, I cursed myself,
Forced a dreary me to smile,
Wanted back my ol' days,
The damned voice rang out loud,
"No, Not yet and never again..."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mr. Wadvani V/S Mr. Sehru

Disclaimer: Any similarities with any person (dead or alive) or event (past or future) is purely intentional.

It was a dark dreary night in Hindia. Mr. Batwarlal Sehru and Mr. LaKh Wadvani had set up office not far from each other. Both are looking to be the next Kautilya - the biggest office of profit in the Bindian Democracy. Our reporter Mr. Darkha Butt (DB) was there to report live – for the first time from temporally shifted but geographically connected locations. 

DB (from outside Mr. S’s office): It’s a scurry of few people rushing in and out of the two offices. Two mins back a 60-yr young man rushed in with the news of successful distribution of the pamphlets in the Historiabad. Election manifestos have been read by the junta. A Digress victory seems imminent. The charisma of the leader will ensure victory. The vote bank is expected to swell following the successful implementation of the new dam project in the state. The voters are enthusiastic about the last 5-yr plan. Promises of jobs and food are seeming possible. Darkha Butt reporting (a)live from 1959. 

DB (Outside Mr. W’s office): Since evening the pings have been coming... The 42" plasma-screen is abuzz with SPSS response-sheets from various constituencies of Futurpur. IT engineers are trying to create the information overload problem and ensure the voter knows just who to vote for. The CDs with the End-Voter agreement have been circulated. Media content is being offered for subscription fees through jTunes or dedicated large-capacity servers. No one has time to glance at the Ticker Election Manifesto. The windows-based ticker was hacked in the past hour by sleuths of Hon. Mayavidhi Trojan. Froogle Mad-sense has ensured the internet is flooded with Mr. Wadvani’s advertisements. Kinks to his blog and website are everywhere. Darkha Butt reporting live form Bin-City, Futurpur, 2009.

Studio: Thank you Darkha. Hum dekh rahe hain ki Mr. Sehru bhi technology ko use karne ki baat kar rahe hain. Mr. Wadvani apna agenda reset kar rahe hain. Voters, fundamentalism, aur money ke beech multiple regression ke result kuch hi der mein aane waale hain. Uske baare mein aapko kya jankari hai?

DB: Mr. Sehru scientific thinking ke lagte hain. Shayad is 50 saal mein agla 5-yr plan implement ho sake. Mr. Trojan ke successful hack ka result ummeedvaar batane se inkaar kar rahe hain but jaankar sources se humein pata chala hai ki Mr. Sehru apni constituency mein jeet rahe hain. Mr Wadvani apne agenda ki multiple copies ke saath press video-conference ke liye ready hain. Regression ke scenario analysis IT engineers na kar diya hai aur result aate hi voter mind corrupt karne ka suitable virus launch kar diya jayega. Back to you, Raazkeep.