Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whats cooking? Innovations..!!

So I’m setting up a new house in a new location… And living alone, the least of my worries should be cooking. It is! But that doesn’t stop me from thinking how the kitchens of those not as lucky as me would change with the new govt policy of 6 subsidised gas cylinders.

Yes, the number of people using coking gas through cylinders is a miniscule proportion of the Indian population, but yes, the lives of this miniscule population is in for a change... I foresee these changes in 4 different heads
  1. Change in consumption: So now, no more regular consumption of food that requires long simmering over gas in an open vessel. Gajar Halwas and Dal Makhanis can bid a goodbye to the usual Indian household! Next time, when you get Gajar Halwa in a get-together, know that you are treated as important :P
  2. Change in cooking style: Prestiges, Hawkins and Uniteds of the world can rejoice. Pressure cookers, which are faster methods of cooking will soon replace the open pan cooking.
  3. Change in cooking devices: Electric Rice Cookers will be a necessity for all South-Indian and Bengali households with high consumption of rice. Induction Cooktops which have recently started finding market will grow fast. How about coal based non-smoke chulhas? Sigris? Will Tandoori dishes make their way from restaurants to the normal Indian household!
  4. Alternate Energy Sources: This is what excites me the most – this is where a handicap will turn into an opportunity. Solar cookers anyone? How about mandating bio-gas based cooking in planned industrial townships which throw up tonnes of bio-waste anyways?
They said necessity is the mother of invention... Time for new innovations... Time to put your mind to where your mouth is :D

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