Friday, November 27, 2015

Mr. Modi, are you listening?

At the risk of being bombarded with a "You are anti-national" & "You are pseudo-Secular" comments, I'd like to say, Mr. Khan, you stand vindicated!!

Let's not jump the gun here. I am not a fan of this Khan, my loyalties lie with another one, coincidentally, he too feels there is some growing intolerance!

While we are talking of jumping the gun, I'm not saying India is intolerant. But if the current trend continues, will it soon be categorised thus? Well, I hate to think so, but yes, it will be!

Oh, just so I make myself clear, I'm not a fan of Mr. Gandhi or the Congress... I'm an outright Modi fanboy but a rational one. One who doesn't get blinded by the flashing cameras at his international "Rock-Shows", but wonders what is powering those flashes and sounds, is it rhetoric or substance!

And Mr. Modi, you know what is bothering me right now? That, when one of the brand ambassadors of your pet project speaks of a concern, you remain quiet. You do not engage in a dialogue. You chose not look around and understand what caused him to speak such. He might just have been generous enough not to outrightly condemn you, but he also feels that thought of condemning itself was 'disastrous'.

If you looked around, what would you see? Few loud-mouths have been unleashed on an otherwise tolerant India, those who believe that you either support them or 'go to Pakistan'! These loud-mouths, unfortunately for you, belong to the your party. I'm not saying loudmouths don't exist elsewhere, but a pot can't call the kettle black, can it! Unless of course, it never heard of a shiny object called mirror!

And guess what, politically motivated or otherwise, Mr. Khans, did reflect a glimpse of today's India - one where dissent is meet with stones, one which eulogizes George Bush's infamous, 'with us, against us' ideology. These rogue elements have been there in the past, and they were punished by the demos. That you have gotten scot-free earlier, you know what I'm referring to, doesn't mean you will get away again. Your ethos might forgive you, your demos won't. Until of course you speak up, and now. We know you are capable of that. Show us that you have the guts to rout these rogue elements. Cleanse India and your government of this filth.

And as far as Mr. Khans go, now is the time to use them to show the world that the tolerant India indeed is the best place to be, for all the Muslims in the world. Let them tell you what you need to do to "Connect India".

"Nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhawaye;
Bin sabun pani bina nirmal karat subhaye"

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