Friday, April 24, 2009


Dear Blog

For the first time, I know what this means... in its true sense :)

The first week where I actually worked - cracked my heads over subjective issues... Now I feel tired - more like exhausted!!! Though my job included a lot of pondering over things and not actually working, it was tiring. Now that it is 5 pm, I'm desperately waiting for the clock to turn faster. I'm waiting for the remaining 30 mins to pass quickly.

Not like I have the weekend completely planned. I do plan to meet up people (some of them after planning but being unable to last week). I do plan to see more of Bombay and use my new monthly train pass to the maximum. I do plan to relax a while too...

For the first time, I'm so looking forward to the weekend and can sigh and say aloud - Thank Goodness Its Friday!!!

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