Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Torangallu to Bombay

Dear Blog

Its been a long time coming... Not due to nothing happening but due unavailability of the net... Oh how inaccessibility can paralyse u!!! Anyways, it hasn’t stopped me from writing and i shall post what I’ve written on sheets.

I travelled from my place to the city of dreams – Bombay in train. Luckily for my habit of reaching the station well in time, I was able to catch the train despite some misinformation on the train timings (it had been preponed by 15 mins). Another ominous sign followed – Laptop charger!!! When things start to go wrong they really do. As can be expected, this wasn’t gonna be the last of my worries. I had a general ticket but the general bogie was really crowded. I, with my elephantine luggage could not get on, forget travelling. I got into a sleeper coach and had a “verbal go ahead” from the TTE (He did agree but not before pocketing a Rs. 50/- note, which I willingly gave). Then again, as always, there is that old unaccommodating old woman who just wouldn’t let you stand though you are in no way obstructing her. Thankfully, I reached Guntakal without any further hassles. A daunting realisation hit me as I descended on the crowded platform – I had to pass more than 3 hrs on that dead platform. This is where the things turned for the better. Thankfully (really can’t the author enough). I had the “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. Read the whole book in those three hrs and boarded the train to Bombay after a lone quiet dinner.

My copassengers included a professor, two IT engineers one PhD and two ladies who really had seen India. Now those who know me, will know how enjoyable my journey must have been. From current economic scenario to Laloo to travelling through India, we talked about anything and everything under the sun.

I reached Bombay and was brought to the well furnished room that I’m currently staying in. Hoping this good time continues into my days that will be my first ever paid assignment.