Friday, May 8, 2009

India Voted for....

Now that the elections are over and the whole nation waits for the results, lets work out scenarios and see what will become of India post-elections...

If Congress comes to power:

  • Bofors scam pushed under carpet for yet another five years, Quattrochi made honorary member of Rajya Sabha through a special ordinance and then honorary defense advisor
  • Few more Indira XXXX Yojana and Jawaharlal Nehru YYYY Programme
  • Setting up of n new IITs and n/2 new IIMs where N = number of states where congress is in power ==> If he is an IITian, so am I... so am I... and so am I...
If BJP comes to power:
  • No more “Sonia Ji” speeches from Modi
  • Khakhi shorts declared the uniform of all national government machineries
  • Nationalisation of education and educational institutes
    • New Masters Courses in Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Parrot training

If Left comes to power:
  • IPO of CITU – sure to be oversubscribed 70 times on Sensex (reliance power was 69 times)
  • Reinvestment in all sick private units functioning at below 40% utilization to create more jobs and more unions – after all private companies are way under-populated
If Mayawati becomes PM:
  • 2% Reservation for all “upper castes”
  • Fake caste certificates legalised. Rates nationalised at 10% declared annual income


Soni said...

If BJP comes to power:
-> Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

MMM said...

Ram Mandir to nahi hi banwa sakte... last time 5 yrs power mein rahe and tab to ram mandir issue ekdum top tha but tab bhi nahi banwa sake... rem tab hi godhra hua tha.. and the train had all kar sevaks.. poora mobilisation chal raha tha workers ka.. it was said tht poora mandir ready hai bas order aaya ki raato-raat mandir ban jayega.. but kuch nahi hua..