Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Doesn't India Vote?

(TIME Cover: March the 2nd, 1992)

Consider this:
The voter of West Bengal voted for the Congress thinking they were sick of the Left and could, in no way, stand a Left Rule at the centre. But after the elections, the Left is back in power. Similar situation exists in Kerala too.

The voter of Bihar votes for the good governance of Nitish and against Laloo. Elections gone and Laloo is back in power. After all, the Fourth Front gives the UPA the all important 30 seats at the centre.

The voter of AP din’t like the rule of the BJP+ and votes his ally out of power – the ally fights without the BJP – the voter is happy – the ally goes back to BJP – and if it was not bad enough, both are back in power. Wow!!!

The voter of Rampur is essentially wasting time – whoever wins, the government remains the same. The situation in the whole of UP is the same – the voter doesn’t know who and why did he vote for.

Do the political parties have a few ideological allies and foes - they don't even have an ideology. What do we vote for? They ask the voter to be informed - the manifestos of the BJP and the Congress are mere mutations of the same thought. Who do you vote for? The manifestos exist but the practice and implementation, that doesn't even exist on paper. Then they crib over people not voting and worse still, talk of making voting mandatory.

I wish to vote but haven't been able to because of many reasons - and I'm not the only one at fault - you can't blame me for not having a Voter ID if it takes more time for a voter ID to get prepared than my stay at the place.. {It took the administration more than a year to register me for a vote - by then it was time for me to move to a new location} Actually now that I think of it, even if I could, would I? Till the time that accountability and stability is made an important part of the Indian Democratic system, I don't really know if my vote actually makes a difference. For all I know, it might lead to the worsening of the nation due to a post-poll alliance that I hadn't thought of.

To quote advani:"Manmohan Singh holds office but has no authority, while the person who wields the authority has no accountability." I ask Advaniji, if he is unable to get the black money from the Swiss Banks within the promised 100 days, will he resign and ask Rahul Gandhi to implement his 100-day plan? If he states on record and follows this, I promise never to vote for anyone but the BJP. Till then, whenever I get my vote registered and, I shall vote. कर्मन्येवाधिकार्स्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।


Cartographer said...

I find your question very valid.
Many times I've thought about the same but alas. But, as you had earlier written in a mockery of governance, democracy does have some serious problems with it.

skhajone said...

Though i accept that the situation is bad - i cannot raise the finger till i am sure i have done something about it.
I mean - none of us will be willing to go into the system to clean it up. I feel guilty and not in the position to raise the finger.
They are hogs - they are brutes - they are the worst - but they are there because i am not.
this is not dejection - just that i know i am not good in politics - but i can do something about it.

sayan said...

They just do not deserve our votes! There is no point in feeling guilty - we are trapped in a system which is designed to eat up any disturbance in the existing unholy equilibrium :(

Pachi said...

I am totally against this ideology concept.. The goal of the politicians must be the progress of the nation and having these ideologies will create ideological barriers for progress.

MMM said...

Ideology doesn't always mean "ideological barrier"!!

What I mean is that the alliances should be based on ideologies and common thought and not convenience and personal (spl so in case of Hon. KK) gains...