Friday, September 5, 2008

Achieving your Childhood Dreams...

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I never thought I could listen to a lecture on “Achieving Childhood Dreams” with so much interest. I’m no cynic but after so many gurus and sadhus, I just assume all these lectures on philosophy and outlook on life are so boring and predictable, I don’t consider them worth my time. What made me listen to this one?? Well, as usual, I was spending time on my favourite pastime – Googling. Came across this video... What struck me was that it had been downloaded and seen more than 6 million times in less than one year..!! Decided, when so many people are watching it, it must have something unique.

And to no surprise, it did not disappoint me. Effortlessly, Dr. Randy Pausch takes you through his childhood dreams and how he learnt to nurture others’ childhood dreams. You cannot but have lessons to learn. For fear of spoiling the essence, I shall just quote a few “Quotable Quotes” from the lecture and provide the link to the same.

  • “When you are screwing up and noone’s telling you how bad you are, that means they have given up on you.
  • “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”
  • “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.
  • “Brick walls are not there to prevent you from getting what you want badly. Brick walls are there to stop people who want it badly enough.”
  • “There are both ways of saying I don’t know but there is a good way and a bad way.”
No wonder he was called "The dying man who taught America how to live". Sadly, this great teacher breathed his last on July 25 earlier this year.

Can't see the video?? Click here

To read about Randy Pausch, Click Here or Here or Here

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Pachi said...

couldnt watch the whole video... network problem :( .. have bookmarked it.. will watch it once back home...

thanks for the link...

MMM said...

yeah do tht.. its a great motivator :)

AW said...

Very inspiring one.....As usual...i used to love to share thoughts with you...good that now i can read ur thoughts.....Great going....Keep blogging your tat i can get a sneak peak into ur brainy world!!! :)

MMM said...

Well.. my brainy world resides quite outside my blog.. The only brainy part of me I plan to have here is the Nerd Score tht is seen on the right just as u enter the blog..!!