Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sneak Peek

Dear Blog,
This is my first entry to Through this post, I think I should be effectively introducing myself to you.

Well, I'm Puneet. People feel I'm currently doing a Masters in Business Administration. Well I can't say for sure if I'm.. Going by the look and feel of it, I think I am. So for now, for lack of evidence against it, lets assume I am doing MBA.

So what do I do here? Well when I'm not with my sleep-deprived zombie friends, I try to invest some time in watching sitcoms. My latest source of time-pass has been discovering the immense capabilities of the wonderful world of Windows Vista (of which I shall be describing in some other posts). New sidebar gadgets.. New search options.. New everything.. Sometimes you can find me trying out my creativity on graphic design tools.. Other times I'm YouTubing.. Commercials, spoofs an what not..

Do I do anything other than typing keys on my keyboard desperately trying to keep myself not-busy with ghissugiri? Well.. I started my initial days with some badminton but soon realised I needed to give some rest to my over-strained body. Thus.. other than common frax (and sometimes grax!!) practically nothing :)

So now that you know me..

Yours sincerely

Mr. Miniscule Musings (Henceforth "MMM")

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