Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rest In Peace

Dear Blog,

And yet another act of terror strikes India... And what do we Indians do?

While maintaining calm and peace is important, is that all India can/should do? About seven years ago, America was hit by an act of terrorism once and here’s what president Bush had to say, “Our nation was horrified, but it's not going to be terrorized.  Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen”. WTC might have been a conspiracy, the retaliation might have been unjust, the war may have been illegal but one thing was for sure; USA proved that its existence and sovereignty will not be compromised upon. Its high time India too showed the world and terrorists in particular what it’s capable of. Counter-terrorism in India was used as a thesis topic but has India learnt from itself!!!

Even more shocking is the news coming in from my alma mater. Juniors reported that Mangalore (yet again) is in the grip of religious tension. As is very usual, one side pleads for a case of retaliation and the other, for a case of un-instigated crime. This doesn’t get the national media attention but I believe this IS terrorism in its nascent stages. 

These two unrelated (or are they? isn’t one the extreme form of the other??) incidents make me wonder; probably we Indians really deserve what we are getting. Why can we not realise the value of peace? Why does religion make us go against the very basic principles it propagates, the value of love and peace? Why can’t religious leaders understand that man is supposed to be a social animal who has to learn to live in company of others? He cannot have his way every time. Force is not the only solution to resolve a conflict. There are at least compromise solutions and even better, collaborative solutions to every problem. Every man is born free, only to be later shackled in mind and soul by his religion. 

I remember the last verse from a poem I wrote long back,

O leaders of religion please wake,
Life, u know, is not a piece of cake,
Few years of life, we have on lease,
Let us live, or at least, REST IN PEACE.

In Prayer,


Pallav Rustogi said...

ya, seriously. We say ourselves as a superpower and we are claiming to get a vito power very soon and also want to go nuclear. But we are not doing or can't do any thing against such terror activities which is continuously increasing day by day, sometimes in bangalore, surat, jaipur, delhi etc. And till now no attempts have been made to find a permanent solution to all these. I was really shocked to hear that blast occurred in CP, which is one of the main business hubs. When our parliament itself is not so secure, then what can we think of these common places. I dont know, is it always that we cant do anything or we dont want do anything. But Still the life resumes to normal the very next day and yesterday is always forgotten. (the saddest part)

MMM said...

I agree that life resumes the next day as nothing ever happened.. But I believe that in the common-folk has to be appreciated. That shows our resilience. The same thing in the govt is deplorable...