Saturday, November 15, 2008

“Democracy” – An Excellent mockery of governance

Disclaimer: The following piece of literature presents hypothetical systems. Any similarity or reference to any existing government machinery (or incident) is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Dear Blog,

Many score and many years ago, Ab Lincoln talked of a democracy “Of the People, By the People and For the People”. What he proposed was a utopian society where every man was equal. Lemme analyse how further wrong could he not have been...

You have the right to elect the leaders but no right to govern their actions. What if the majority government unilaterally enacts a legislation (with all suitable amendments and clauses) heavily inclined against the common populace?

One fine morning, ToI first page: In lieu of the 900th amendment to the “Winners of Lottery Act, 2008”, the ruling government reserves the right to the largest amount in any lottery. Any wealth collected vide 900th amendment to the “Winners of Lottery Act, 2008” will be termed legal. This amendment will supersede all other contradictory articles and amendments in the constitution.

What right does the ordinary man have to prevent the government from doing this?

Defence by the government, “The ruling has been made by a popular government. The voter has the right to NOT-CHOOSE the government the next time it goes to vote if he unsatisfied by the government and its bodies.

Will someone tell me how many times does a common man win a lottery? What happens to the wealth accumulated by the ruling government in the period till the next government comes to power? Can it not be used to further influence people?

Well, to appear just and not unilateral, the government gives the voter the option of impeachment described below:

If motion proposed by minimum 1/8 of population (1)
    If minimum number of attendees to the motion equal to 7/8 of population (2)
        Voting valid --> Decision taken by simple majority. (3)
    Else End of Process
Else End of Process

Brilliant. The government is responsive. The government is so open. The government is so just.

Second look: What if 6.99/8 of population is in favour of the motion? Condition 1 satisfied. What about condition 2? To further compound the problem, what if 1/16 of the population is not in town to vote? That’s not good enough. What if 1/32 of the population is direct stakeholder against the motion? That leaves only further 1/32 of the population to actually abstain from the voting to get it declared invalid. What a democracy – 87% of the population v/s 2% of population and the 87% is considered invalid because the 2% are absent from voting!!!

Which government will modify this legislation, a legislation so inclined in the favour of the ruling government; a legislation that empowers the government to commit any crime and ask for solid proof (which again is ratified as acceptable by the same government!!! Y am I not surprised...)?

Probably, George Orwell got it more right when he said, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. And when the mistakes of super equals are brought to fore, they retaliate in a manner which makes the other equals feel these super equals were better off ignorant of the mistakes (Putting it mildly against “crimes”). That these super equals will do anything to protect their exalted status is the essence of modern democracy.

The democracy is “By the people” when the government is formed, “Of the people (the neo-super-equals)” during its existence and “For the people (the super equals)” in its functioning. For the rest of junta, kat raha hai...


P.S.: Any Law (Civil, industrial or watever else) students/professionals, please correct me if I've overlooked any provsion(s) in Indian constitution which is in direct contradiction to above. There is a possibility that the whole article is incorrect, in which case, please provide me links to suitable literature.
P.S2.: The limit on quorum is 10% as known to me. The specific example of the impeachment procedure is a known violation of the rule used to prove a point


justme said...

Hey Puneet,
Have been following your blog for quite some time now. Its nice fun reading about your thoughts and your life in general.
About your article on democracy, I do agree that it is totally flawed. But isn't it still the best system there exists? How can it ever be possible to cater to the interests of 1 billion people? It is practically impossible to go to them for every small decision. That is why you hand over the reins to an authority.

MMM said...

Point taken... For a very large system like a country (tht too India) the proportions are huge, thus justifying the need for a authoritative body.
But What happens to small democracies? In the absence of the scale factor, is democracy the best option? I believe it is... But in that case, is absolute power in the hands of a few justified?? Shouldn't it be a complete democracy without existence of equals and super equals. Shouldn't a simple majority be the governing rule at any point of time and not spl laws (say for example the law of impeachment as stated earlier)? How justified is tht? Should the constitution be made more rigid to prohibit and overhaul these laws?

MMM said...

Basic point here:
1. Should any amendment that seeks to establish a class of super-equals be allowed?
2. Should any law that is violative of basic democracy (like laws regarding re-election,quorum >50%) be allowed?

Vishal said...

Very well written. Captures what most of us miss. I hope more instances of activism on our part will bring about a change sooner or later.

MMM said...

Thnx. Most of us miss things coz we are afraid to face the truth and satisfied by (or indifferent to) the existing system...
We should not lose out on fairness because we didn't seek to uproot the idiosyncrasy in the system...

Maruf Hossain said...

I'm a Muslim whose family was shamefully converted hundreds of years ago.

Now, I wish to become a Bharatha, and not remain a Muslim or an Indian...

I found your blog very interesting. I actually came here because this page was mentioned on another blog by another patriot.

I am so happy that there are people like you who actually sit back and think about our holy Motherland.

Puneet, we need more people like you to speak up. The Congress and Sonia Gandhi are a disgrace to the nation...

Well done! Perhaps Democracy, flawed as it is, will help us out...

MMM said...

Hi Maruf,
As far as I'm concerned... religion is immaterial to me... but yeah, the democracy does matter.
I dont say Sonia and congress are a disgrace (I hv never voted for congress - so no bias) but prob they shud and cud hv done better. On hindsight, prob given their political scenario they did good of preventing the nation from going the West Bengal way...

Maruf Hossain said...


I'm from Bangladesh, which was once part of The Bengal, until Jinnah, with Gandhi's assistance, split it up and made this East Pakistan.

Religion, whether you like it or not, is an integral, if unsavoury part of politics in The Subcontinent.

Did you know that most of the Marxist movement in the state of WB is financed by Islamic groups?

Ever wonder why?

Ever wonder why the land acquisition went the wrong way?

Ever wonder who scared farmers all over by starting them with the illegal acquisitions theory?

The fact remains that the laws governing such acquisitions were created by the Brits for their benefits, and that they should have been negated ages ago...

As for going the WB way, I think the state's going in for an economic balance, and that too the green way...

the part of the state where this industrial project will come to fruition is rural, and this project will greatly uplift the economic status of the area.

There're more articles on this, I'm sure. But my point is that a lot of information you get, and absorb, is from a pro-catholic pro-sonia media, and so, I feel religion must be taken into consideration, and that Anti-Bharathic emoticons in the news must be mentally removed when absorbing such news...

The global recession is happening, Sonia or no Sonia, and they (Sonia + Congress) can actually do nothing to prevent its fallout.

But I've noticed that the press insists that Sonia + Congress are keeping the nation together, and I know for a fact, as an economist and financial analyst myself, that such news is as fictitious as the pro-mughal version of 'Indian' history.

Somehow, I actually feel proud that you've never voted for the Congress - and remember, if you're not biased, then the decisions could be made by those with the wrong bias.

eLFie said...

Hello TripleM,

It just occurred to me that you may have actually been talking abouy my leaving a note here...?

Let me say that I found your comments on democracy refreshing and in one of my posts on

actually used your blog to suggest that thinkers like you were in the minority, and that those who read my blog must certainly check yours out...

Oh, and yes, though the tone of voice in my post suggests anger or frustration, it's just a mode of expression (- a little wry, like Neitzsche - and probably just as sarcastic) meant to provoke a strong reaction from the reader...

Kudos to the legal detail. Fine points like those need to be made in as clear as possible, and you've done quite well, my friend.

Many cheers, and thank you for not taking any offense :) none meant - truly.

eLFie said...

Hi TripleM,

Here's more food for thought.

Strongly recommend a thorough read of the books and 'history' on this page...

Mathais book's a masterpiece...just like P N Oak's...that's why it's supresssed - lol - by the secular democracy we seem to love.

Many cheers

MMM said...

"Mathai's Book is a masterpiece." Pray, please tell how did u lay ur hands on it and whr can i get a copy?

Feroze changing his name to "Gandhi" wats wrong?? proves nothing... Sanjay not a son of Indira.. firstly, again unfounded claim - maligning a dead soul... secondly, even if true, so wat!!!

And while you are at it, you might want to visit:

What the political leaders do shudn't affect their professional view... That Modi ordered massacre is a popularly contested debate, but does tht make him any less efficient as CM of Gujarat!!!

eLFie said...

My dear fellow,

don't be so naive...I'd say.

Mathai's book is banned for good reason. The references he quotes in it are real.

Obviously if you're in India you almost can't get the book - if you have any strings you can pull.

If I mailed you a copy from here, no doubt it wouldn't reach you. Google it, or even try eBay - might work.

In Oz, the history of THIS country is altered - they teach that the Aborigines were killed by disease (LOL).

In India, Islamic control of the Federal Govt. has been a public secret. Dare expose it and you could disappear for's very simple.

Why do you think my family left? Why do you think Mathai's memoirs were published when he'd reached a ripe old age?

The book has been forced out of print. I wonder why...

Do not underestimate the political and economical clout of the Nehru family.

You may also find this interesting - I've not read it, but I found it on Amazon.

I devoted years to studying history, and now have a family to tend to - I hope it's not too much to ask that you do your own investigations...

In India, the press and the publishing industry are strongly controlled by religious and political powers.

Honestly, I respect Modi for doing what he did. It balances the history of Gujarat - which as seen many a bloody muslim conversion program. Innocent people died? Hmmm...they always do - at some point you have to decide whether the nation is more important than the specific groups that suffer - and yes, I know you disagree with me :o)

Good luck with the search.

eLFie said...

while you'll find typical islamic-influenced marketing of Bhaaratha's 'ancient' culture, in this book you'll notice a very different account of Nehru's life...that was documented independent of the Nehru family's influence.

The author of this book was threatened on many an occasion, though official sources may not reflect this.

Of course, the Mughal history of the nation had already been manipulated (I'll grant that Akbar WAS good at nation-building - he took his lessons from Kautilya's books, amongst others, but gave credit to Islamic thought on the matter-as all Mughals did).

so the author pretty much replicated 'recorded' history...

Interesting read, nevertheless - and I don't think it's banned in India - officially at least.

MMM said...,M1

eLFie said...

the reviews of this book on Amazon tell you the story.

And yes, I've read the's stinks of bribery, and historical manipulation.

Nehru was a murderer to begin with...but anyways, I'm not going into this.

Only the Indian reviews say the book is good and ooh and aah about it.

Foreign historians wonder why the 'contradictions' of Nehru are 'glossed' over...

I rest my case.

It's quite obvious that Indians have a very manipulated version of history fed to them...

I'm surprised that you haven't even investigated any historical records for yourself yet...or perhaps I shouldn't.

At least read up on the court minutes of Nathuram Godse's trial. The Judge, an Englishman, virutally agreed that Gandhi was a traitor, given the proof Ram presented. However, 'popular' opinion, fed by politics and the 'news' demanded that this patriot be executed.

eLFie said...

In my post dated March 3, 2009 7:38 AM,

I forgot to paste the link where you can buy the Dutchman's book.

Hehehe...because he was dutch, he certainly says a lot about the situation in England back then, but stops short of describing the famine in Holland at that time.

this book is actually quite famous in Oz...I got it off the Melbourne Public Library, and had a good read over the last week.

I discovered this book thanks to you, dude. cheers to that!

This fellow obviously doesn't know much about the bloody history of the Mughal Empire - but to his credit, he doesn't paint a picture of the Muslim rulers at all. He avoided such stuff, possibly because he had to keep them happy too back then.

anyways, have fun! Cheers.