Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Experience to Remember - The Concluding Part

Dear Blog,

After the GBM, it might be seen as repetition... but I dint feel that justice was done by a mere applause... The effort put by the seniors was exceptional to say the least.

It started with helping people turn empty sub-standard CVs to masterpieces which were often self-deceiving... each one formatted to perfection... more like being crafted to exquisite forms of art...!!! Thank you dear mentors... Then there were individual interviews and GDs. Not just any GDs, there were “Chairman’s GDs”, case GDs and every other type (though most of them turned to a common fish-market was another matter). As the forms started pouring in, Gyaan followed.
And this was the beginning...

The first call to SIP was given by a melodious rendition of “Bhayee Bhorrrrr”... And as we entered the holding area, biscuits and juice packs awaited us... Served on a platter, we knew we were in for few days of pampering... Team services had all planned for all of us... to meet all our needs at all times of the day... all with a faces lit by brilliance of a 1000W smile. From the early morning snack to the late-night munchies, Services made sure no person was left wanting.

One certain incident which I shall never forget... I was down... just not out... I wished to eat a sandwich... made a request for it... five mins was all I waited for me to be served... thts it??? No... Not just one senior to help me out with my mental state but two of them... Suddenly I felt pity for the companies that rejected me... A feeling of being important engulfed me... I felt wanted... Too bad the companies couldn’t gauge my potential... A smile lit up my face and I spent the day happy though I couldn’t manage to sign-out!!! One fine morning, as I entered the holding area, I was offered a biscuit but what made my day was the feeling attached to it. I decided today was gonna be my day... And so it was!!!

There were moments when people vented their pent-up anger on the team services and all the team did was smile back and say... did u have food? Want anything else... some juice, cold drink? Outside the holding area, you could see the tension and fatigue on their faces but all they had for us juniors was the famed smile. But for team services, GAK how many more people would have broken down and found themselves in abysses they could never have recover from. There might be numerous allegations against every other team... every other person... But Team Services was simply loved by all. Kudos to the team...

Then there was the Team-Controls. I dunno wat software they designed... and thankfully did not have to know it too... for they functioned so efficiently... brilliantly managing multiple parallel GDs, interviews along with maintaining pecking sheets and databases... all with the calm of the deep sea... The target of most abuses, team controls was impeccable with their job.

And last of all, the StuCos and CoCos... they were the last point of contact before a candidate entered the gallows. They ensured the prospective candidate was well prepared... more mentally than factually. The last bit of confidence-boosting was done by these seniors. How can I forget the invaluable tips I received from the CoCos before the numerous GDs I attended (I must have let them down for I went to more than 15 GDs without success.... Gawd.. how bad a learner am I)

Revelling in the experience of SIP,


P.S. Also in the series: Part 1 - Prelude, Part 2 - The beginings, Part 3 - The process

P.S2: PlaceCom and CRISP - I dont feel qualified enuf to put into words the part played. No appreciation is good enuf.


tushar said...

Thank you Puneet! Was a really nice experience helping you guys in whatever small manner we could :),

Congratulations once again !

On behalf of Team Services

MMM said...

Thnx :)