Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Experience to remember - Part 2

This post, I’ll post about the SIP experience of the juniors in the little chill times (i.e. Day 1)

The first of November, while many states of India celebrated their official state holiday, XLers had a busy day. Pecking discussions, slotting discussions and also sometimes, subject discussions... If teachers were around, they would surely ask the admin to have a SIP process every term so that the students actually take up books and study. And this continues right into the “Holding Area”. The whole campus is decked up for the impending arrival of the corporate India (and world).

Lights... Sound... Camera... ACTION!!!

0500hrs Nov 2nd: Heard all over XL, “Good Morning Juniors”... SAC is finally heard!!! For once, no one was seen frowning over the not-so-rude awakening (literally) to the SIP... Eyes half closed – but smiling faces. Cactus tree Rox J

Sabko pata laga “Bhayee bhooooooooorrrrrrrrr”... The suits come out of the closets... Everyone u meet is a “Man-in-B” (where : B=Black, Blue, Brown). Shortlist (extended or otherwise) or no, XLers assemble in the “Holding Area”. It’s time for GDs and PIs to begin.

GD is one experience that will remain etched to me like a birthmark on my skin. Some people are loud, some people are intelligent, and very few are both. And it is these the second in the list who suffer. But coupled with the shrill in the voice and inability to listen (aka. active participation), it is the first category who rules the “Discussion”. More on GDs in another post sometime...

Then there are PIs. PIs are the opportunity for the candidates to prove how far they can stretch their imagination... making a mountain out of a mole-hill does require an elaborate effort. That all your hard-work through 20 yrs of life can be negated by one wrong example (seemingly) is something that I learnt, albeit the hard way.

Anyways, Day 1: Thru the day, there was the lone “sign-out”. Evening came, more sign-outs. Reputed names shoddy games. Notable in the “Well” – congratulations and allegations...

2300hrs: After a long day’s work, there’s pecking to be done. The taps of Gyaan open again... Mar-focus, Fin-focus and for most of us, simply Job-Focus...

Late in the night: Retire for the day.


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Eva said...

Welcome to the XLfReako world ;)

MMM said...

U aint seen anything..!!! its just the begining :)