Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally, Indian Science Showcased...

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Bored of studying for my exams, I reverted back to my first love... maths and numb3rs literally!!! Finished the season 5 (till date) in a marathon run... First of all, the last two episodes (s05e08 and s05e09) have references to India, though both in not-so-good contexts... the first it in the reference of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the second in a reference to a terrorist activity. But what is proven is that the world recognises the Indian presence much more than ever. In fact, as one of the main characters (though as an “American with Indian origins”), the show features Amita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat).

Two things here... One – Indian in a major role in the most popular Friday evening American TV Series and Two – named after one of the most prolific Indian mathematicians known (Srinivas Ramanujan. Ramanujan never won a Nobel Prize but a show to feature the lead sure does justice to the immense potential that was cruelly cut short 

by fate. Amita, born in a Tamil family represents the new-age Indian mathematical genius who, like Ramanujan, is exceptional in maths but also is representative of the famed modern Indian programming skills.

And the other TV series, though in a completely different genre, is “The Big Bang Theory”. It features Kunal Nayyar as “Rajesh”, one of the four geeks that form the lead roles in the series. Again, working at CalTech, Rajesh is a brilliant Physicist with roots still connected to India in the form of his parents. Rajesh, thus represents the Indian in US and not the American of Indian origin.

Point here, Indian abilities in science and maths have been here and now have started to get noticed... Not that India has produced a string of Nobel Laureates in recent past or anything... probably more because Indians are finally being given their due... Long live the breed of Aryabhatta...

Revelling in the pride of being an Indian..

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skhajone said...

The show is not over as yet :)
We are worth much more :)

Proud to be an Indian and trying to earn it too.