Sunday, December 7, 2008

My first sales experience...

Dear Blog,
Yday, I added another of “my firsts” to my list. For a college event, I went to my designated area for enticing the shopkeepers to set up stalls, give goodies etc. It was a new experience and I must say, a humbling one... For, now I know why sales people keep talking about sales targets and customer indifference.

We made pitches to six major shops and a few chhotu ones, none of which could be converted. Designing a sales pitch in itself is an experience. I and my buddy for the adventure decided what would be out pitch before entering any shop, then looked out for whom to give the pitch to and then made the pitch. Now language and medium used forms a very important part of the pitch. My buddy was not fluent at Hindi and thus it was me who was making the initial pitches and then gauging the mood and demands of the potential customer, my buddy made the pitch stronger.

Will quote memorable incidents after we have completed pitches... in one collection...

Something about pitches (a bit early to be writing this but ok):

  • The big showrooms have a lot of potential but often they are company outlets and the store manager has very little power in terms of branding or sponsorship. They have within their powers to make sales, offer spot discounts etc. but setting up stalls, giving away freebies is not within their jurisdiction.
  • It is important to customise the pitch to the specific needs of the target. You don’t go to a shoe store and talk of marketing research and profiling until the store is looking to open a new chain of outlets in your city.
  • The more ignorant the target is, the better it is. God save u if the target is an unsatisfied prior customer.
Anyways, the day 1 was a partial disaster. Hoping the other days are better.

All sympathies and congratulations for the salesmen,



Tushar Kataria said...

Nice to hear about your sales experience! You are a fast learner, I must say :D ;)...though I must say, lots more to come ;)...Hope you'll enjoy :)

MMM said...

Learner in the sense that noone's gonna give ki I'm right in my "something about pitches"....?
ya.. each day in second term has been a learning opportunity.. first term was more about acads..