Monday, January 19, 2009

Launching the DCP Awards...

Dear All,

MBA is all turning waste to gold... or at least selling it as one. That requires a special talent which all MBAs develop over time. Some do that by being too technical and sweeping the other guy off his feet by a simple statement of unstated and often unknown facts. Many try to create qualities that don’t exist. A few small numbers actually try to tell the customer about the product and hope that the product is good enough. The most number however, manages the sale through special use of King’s English. And this is what most B-Schools teach (though unintentional and inadvertent) the best. With the emphasis on learning through classes, a huge window of opportunity opens up for the future managers to practice and hone their selected talented and methodology. This is what constituted class-participation at first... and later took the shape of DCP. But is doing DCP so easy?? Often many attempts go unnoticed. It is these attempts that I plan to capture and burn to memory and recognition. It is these efforts that will get rewarded.

Thus, I (in association with another classmate) announce the launch of the DCP almanac. On a post in late March, we shall have a collection of the DCP attempts and a vote shall decide the winner. Attractive prizes to be won ;).

Current Leaderboard: 
  • Q. What happens when a person goes on sea in ship? Which law is applicable?
    A.” The territorial boundaries of India extend upto 12 nautical miles.”
  • On Intel Strategy and brand repositioning: “It’s not about tangible things but about tangible and intangible things. After 20-25 yrs, no one would like to change their own name.”
  • On Satyam problem: “It is an extreme manifestation of the agency problem.”

P.S.: For non-XLers: DCP has been explained in one of the comments. Please read through


skhajone said...

What is DCP? Am unknown to the world of MBA.

MMM said...

We are graded on "class participation". That is "CP". Now there are various kinds of CP... One of them is "Despo CP" - CP for the sake of it!!! The point made may hv no relevance to the discussion, may even actually be opposing it, but since it gets u noticed and gets u extra points (marks) for CP, u do it :)
Forms of DCP: Before Class Participation (BCP), After-Class participation (ACP)

Finally it all boils down to ABCD "CP" ;)

Gayathri said...

DCP is the extreme manifestation of the student's need to get marks in the class participation component, glorifying little-cared-for, unnecessary facts or non-facts..

MMM said...

Hello everyone, now you knw who the orator of the leaderboard #3 is :)

BTW, iske liye main maggi mein pepsi daloonga ;)

Karan said...

Hey puneet..please mention the names of the people who did DCP wud be interesting.. :)

MMM said...

While I shall accept my DCP (the first one), others I shall take explicit permission... Any case, dont think it wud be difficult to find out without makin it knwn here..