Monday, January 26, 2009

The Screamer

I wonder if what I did was right
To let the heart go without a fight
But then, if it were to happen,
What better day than tonight

I’m an introspective person, actually more a retrospective person. I do things and think if they were right. I choose not to speak for fear of repercussions hold me back. But some day the Hoover Dam was destined to break... And that it did.

It was always a monologue, my line
The feeling expressed was truly mine
As usual, in a moment it all changed
As usual, I pretended to be fine
I get involved in many-a-fights and many-an-arguments but this were not one of them. I just spoke the one damned line and it was over. What changed in that one line was something I did not know!!!

I’m quiet when they often say
I’m silent when it is not my way
For a moment I chose to speak
Fell back and see everything go away
I don’t talk of people, just to them. And it is not usual of me, but today I did. I spoke out. I fell back and saw it wither away... The one long arrow of words floating in mid air –interpreted in ways I did not want them to be.

Wonder if I lost at my own game
Wonder if it’ll ever be the same
I’m a blood-flesh human being
A body attached to my name
I so not wanted it this way but it was hot and steamy inside... the words were boiling... They needed escape. And that they did. The human, me, couldn’t hold it. The stimulus was there. But did they burn anything around it remained to be seen.

I ask for one more chance
Give me that one soft glance
The time shall turn backwards
It shall all be just one bad trance



Karan said...

I of the most beautiful poems and probably the best entry in your blog. Wonder bout the source of inspiration.

MMM said...

Thnx Karan...
Accumulated inspiration... over time... over events
The poem though, was very spontaneous.

skhajone said...

Really really nice poem:)
Portraying something so nicely and the way you have put those sentences between paragraphs is really really nice. creates a nice scene in the background. Really innovative.
And the poem also rocks man. Been in similiar place and done similiar thing. Know how it feels.

MMM said...

Thnx Kaku.. It was one intense moment of blunder that turned itself to poetry..

shiva said...

hey MMM this is such a beautiful poem...every human being can relate to it at one point or the other...just loved it dear...ur too gud...its so innovative yet so real..superb keep up the gud work

MMM said...

Thnx Di :)

Ludivine Gof said...

I like it!!!! :) I'm wondering if you're as good in readouting as you are in writing ;) I like listening to poetry, it's much different and usually much stronger when read aloud...
What did inspire you?

PP said...

Haha... not as good in readouting...
Inspired by real events... a small misunderstanding with a dear friend. Could hv turned into something very ugly but for this piece of inspiration which really explained it all...