Saturday, March 14, 2009

No, Not Yet...

It was a long summer night,
And elongated it would be,
I saw a hope, a light,
Thought the sun would rise,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

I leaned an ear to my side,
To listen to a soothing voice,
I heard a chirp, I felt,
Thought my bird was back,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

I stretched all around,
For the touch I so longed,
I brushed a soft feather,
Thought I would be soothed,
A voice said, "No, Not yet..."

Given up, I cursed myself,
Forced a dreary me to smile,
Wanted back my ol' days,
The damned voice rang out loud,
"No, Not yet and never again..."

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