Sunday, March 29, 2009

All's well that Ends Well...

Finally it’s done... The feeling of wait is over – I’ll miss these days... Here’s a short list of wat I’ll miss:
  • First and foremost, meeting the seniors day-in-day-out. I know most of them may not remember any of us, and that we tracked each one of them through their arduous journey is a fact that not many will know or acknowledge.
  • Running behind one pparticularly sweet PCommer who kept forgetting things – most of aall, FOOD!!!
  • Getting stares and requests from the people in process and more often than not, fullfilling them to my content.
  • Calling up the FnB team at the most awkward of times to order for some really reallly awkward demands.
  • Calling up one non-V-Group V anytime I couldn’t find anyone to do a job!!!
  • Allotting companies and then realising the coordinator was not in town!!!
  • Cribbing about not being studying and sc#$%ing up OR test coz all others were busy with studying and couldn’t be there in the process.
  • Scolding and threaatening PCom with non-cooperation (or at least appear to) even when I cudn’t bring myself to, in anyway, endanger the process..
I dunno wat the official release says, but one thing’s for sure – it nevver can estimate the value of the joy of hearing the official release with a 100% result in these tiimes. I’ll miss waiting for this moment...



:) said...

arre abhi to ek season aur baaki hai..juniors ko bhi khilana pilana hai...
and rest assured then thr wont b any cribbing and quizzes :)

MMM said...

But juniors ke process aur seniors ki life mein thoda fark feel hota hai.. tab to agar Pcom ne natak kiya to bhaad mein jaaye... :P