Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Democracy...

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It’s the election time once again. It’s the time for allegations and counter allegations to fly. Its time when the media – the essence of a free democracy – should play its most important role, that of bringing in news that matters, that of informing the voter about his candidate, that of helping him make an informed decision, that of making everyone realise how important it is to exercise his right to control the future of India.

I was just reading the news and reviews of Varun Gandhi’s “Hate Speech” and something just struck me. Why do we find that the congress can seldom find anything faulty in the opposition but being communal? I’m no supporter of BJP but given their past record, I’m forced to believe they do fight on issues – issues which affect the country. Talking of a Hindu-Raashtra is no doubt communal and condemnable but at least better than policy of minority appeasement. We as usual, do not learn from the history. The policy of appeasement has, in the very recent past, led to a world-war and another internal one is surely on the cards.

It is now that the Indian population is realising that the policy of appeasement remains at that – a policy. An earnest implementation will lead to erosion in the complete vote-bank of the appeasers. The inherent problem of the policy of appeasement is that the face of the appeased are benefitted and thus like the whole community to believe that they are benefitted by the policies which is far from truth. The inherent selfish nature of these privileged few ensures that the truth behind the sham of the policy is never brought to the fore.

Can we have an election where no sops are announced for any category of individuals? Can we have an election which just talks of improvements in the system through inclusive development and not through exclusive opportunities for a few? Can we have an election where the election commission need not intervene in matters of money-distribution and mutilation of a free and neutral democracy?


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