Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google Zindabad

Dear Blog,
There was 3M and then there were none... For a long time, the world waited for a firm to have innovation in its blood. And then comes GOOGLE... Every few days you hear of something new from the stable... OK some of them are mere easter eggs but oh so believable!!!

Today I’ll list some of the google products (thankfully all are free!!!) I use regularly...

  • I-Google: Lemme start with my personal homepage on browser... The very personalised search engine which gives me a snapshot of the world just as i log on to the net.
  • G-Mail: Oh so unforgettable... the most revolutionary product from google... any IT pro worth his name is sure to have a gmail account in today’s world with so many other features being attached to it.. All my project reports find their way up the google servers as soon as they are finished upto the smallest of milestones. What better way to keep them safe than let google take care of the job!!!
  • Google-docs: Spreadsheets, polls, my CV, important ppts.. all find their way up the net through this online free service... (Secret: All my passwords are stored in one google doc which i take care never to share ? and that is the only password I don’t give to anyone)
  • Orkut, Youtube, Blogger: Lesser said the better...
  • Google Groups: The best place to meet online for projects; reports, minutes. Every of my project groups ends up having a google group.
  • Google Earth: People often wonder and marvel at my knowledge of Indian geography... Little do they know how frequent a user of google earth I am. Hear of a new place.. Google it!!!
  • Google Scholar: Research articles, papers or just for the heck of knowing wat the world is doing with science and technology, scholar is the way...
  • Google Chrome: Though still a baby when compared to the Mozilla browser, it is simple and fast. I miss my Mozilla pluggins and addons though...
  • SMS Channels: My window to the world... I receive news updates, cricket scores, share trends, jokes... All on Mobile... and all without any service charges!!! Till few days back I thought google was out to destroy M#(%*S*#% with its online version of the counterpart’s paid offline versions, now it has decided to take on the mobile service providers too!!! With their premium services ‘free’d by google, their revenues will take a hit, though not ‘wholly or in full measure but very substantially’!!!
  • Analytics @ Google: I’m sure not many have heard of it, let alone use it. This was a page I visited regularly when I manned the website of the college fest “Engineer ‘08” to know who was visiting my website. where were the publicity efforts working and where they were required to be stepped up...
  • Google Apps: Have a webpage but not the space to host e-mails? Google Apps is the solution... The easiest (Do I need to mention free???) way of having e-mail ids of the form!!!
A world without Google products is simply not imaginable for the net-maniacs like me... What if Google decided one day that its products would no more be free!!!

Dreading the day,


priya said...

try google appengine. awesome concept if ever there was one.

MMM said...

had read about it and seen it on GUtils! plugin i guess.. but never used it due to the word Python appearing in the first few pages..!! (I dont knw python.. and hate programmin in general) For coders there is also a google feature that searches open codes.. heard tht also gives some real nice codes and apps..
never used it though..

priya said...

if you don't like coding, then python IS the language for you! what normally takes 200 lines in C takes 20 in python. everything is inbuilt!
and syntax comes pretty close to human language... reading code and remembering syntax is pretty easy.

MMM said...

OK.. can u gimme a link to start using it.. i tried the google way.. but i'm not gettin which application to run to start the server etc..

priya said...
for the interpreter (python is a scripting language)

and i can mail you a good book that teaches you to program in python.