Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Blog,

How often do you miss a person so close to you – the second part of you, who always knows what to do when things are not going good, the patient part of you who thinks it’s you who will get what you deserve – the best. You try to hide things from him but then he knows everything – far more than what even you know. You try to act nonchalant but deep down you know it’s him who knows that things are not right. The heart and the soul of the living being rebel against the mind but in the end it’s the heart that wins the battle and the soul that experiences the victory. This second person is no outsider to you; you might not even attribute a physical form to him, he’s just surreal – too good to be true. There’s so much common in the two of you. Both of you always think about YOU. Both of you are happy (or sad) at YOUR achievement (or failure). 

One bad day, you find yourself lost in the crowd; lost amongst and because of so many things happening around you; lost because there is no one to see that you are lost; lost because you do not know if you know what you should know. And it is then that you look beside you and find him there, carrying your fears so that you are relieved of the burden... You look to him and you know he knows... You are no more lost. It is then that you realise that it was never you alone who chugged the beaten track. It was always you and your special friend you call PUNEET.


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