Monday, October 20, 2008

||Karmanyev adhikaraste, maa phaleshu kadachana||

Long back, Krishna told Arjun on the battlefield,

“Dude, listen up.. watcha talkin about rewards and consequences. Do u think doing good will get u good for sure and doing bad will bring harm to you no matter wat... Arre bhai.. there is no good or bad. U feel u are doing good but the other person may not see it as good. If not bad, it may be just seen as routine happening.

So wat shud u do? See doing good is in ur control. Do it. Hope it is seen as good and u get something in return (reward or award). Jyaada se jyaada kya hoga... award nahi hi milega na... but at least u’ll know ki tumne apne kaam kiya.. u tried... and if tht satisfaction is not good enuf, no reward ever will be. So don’t try for tht which is not in ur control. Wat u are good at will not be recognised. Wat good u do will be ignored... wat u’ll get will be a courteous reply saying u are good but we’re sorry... Wat u are bad at will be the titlebar on every screen but wat can u do?

One option is to sit and think over it... second option is to forget (though tht’ll be the toughest think to do) and proceed. In short do ur work... take if any reward comes ur way but u got no right to claim anything... nothing is urs... Machi, accept the fact.. its my way or the highway”

This has been my story for the last few days... filling up forms... hoping someone will think I’m good enuf... but the more I talk to ppl, I tend to realise I’m not. If not bad, i’m no more than routine... someone they can choose to ignore for want of better ppl. And by now I’ve become so immune to it all that I will chose to ignore if i’m not picked and proceed with my daily routine of fillin in more...

Mera number bhi aayega..

P.S: Self-prophecy turned out to be true...


Anonymous said...

haan tumaha number bhi aayega..sab ka number aayega...n it aint true tht u arent gud enuf!

MMM said...

aayega to sahi.. kab aayega is the bigger issue.. aayega to kahaan aayega is another smaller one..