Monday, October 13, 2008

Problem in Word 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I faced a strange problem in MS word. I could move the cursor in the text area using the keyboard but not the mouse. I could not point at any location on the screen using the mouse. As a result, selecting text using the mouse was not possible. However, the mouse worked just fine in the ribbon area. Also I can’t run any word document from the start menu as I normally do. Closing any document causes Word to stop working. Can’t figure the reason...

There is no virus on my comp as verified by two anti-viruses.

Last I knew, word was trying to update when the comp was accidentally shut down. I’m pretty sure the error is due to partial updating of the application and modification of the registry shud bring the functionality back but there are so many folders in registry relating to word in
that I cant figure out wat to change... Any suggestions anyone? Next few days will see me using word 2007 on a very large scale due to the impending SIP process... Any help is welcome.

Waiting for a solution,



Anonymous said...

Try Open office..hassle free and you can save it in the .doc/.xls formats easily.

MMM said...

yeah I use open office.. but it doesn't come close to features offered by (and so easily) by the more popular, though proprietary, software.. smart-graphics.. known formulae... known alignment techniques.. I sure dont wanna mess with my applications and project reports!!

MMM said...

Yippee.. Found a solution.. was pretty close...;en-us;940791