Monday, October 6, 2008

The joy of creation...

Dear Blog,

They say there is no joy which matches the joy of seeing ur creation perform well. Today was the day I felt that joy after a long time. Today was my first experience at organisation in XL – the Tiger 5s football tourney.

It was the first meeting of sportscom and the junior sportscom decided it wud not be just another sports event. This sportscom would beat tradition and do something innovative. And so was decided to hold 5-a-side football. There were starting problems, with members suggesting we go for a wholesome 4-course thing instead of just a starter. Due to shortage of available dates (thankfully) we stuck to the T20 version of football. But then, none of us knew the exact rules of futsal (the mini version of football). So we had to create them and hope no one found loopholes and flaws. After one trial session, we thought about how we could make teams score more goals and implement trick shots and passing stunts instead of playing a defensive game. And then came the most difficult phase of forming rules and putting them to test... First game in the tourney just vindicated out preparations. And then on, it was smooth sailing.

I dunno how I can describe what I felt on the success of the tourney. The joy of creation of all rules and the game in general far surpasses other joys i experiences during the day.

Obviously, the start of the next day was awesome owing largely to a meticulous preparation by a friend’s sweet roomy... Happy birthday :)

Rejoicing in the glory of a successful evening and the early morning,

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