Saturday, October 25, 2008

What part of NO do I understand?

What part of NO do I understand? Neither the N nor the O...

Why is it so difficult for me to say NO to me? Why do I have to see myself saying “Yes I can do it” to everything? There are things beyond me... If I were meant to do everything the world would have been so full and monotonous... There would have been only me around. The reason why others exist is because they can do somethings I can’t. The reason I exist is because there are things that I do others can’t. 

This realisation keeps coming to me but goes away faster than the arrival rate, hence before the next train of thought comes in, I’m already half way through and the realisation effectively fails to have effect.

Guidelines for anyone reading this: I do not get tired... I only feel so. There is always the extra amount of glucose left in my veins. I do sleep but only when I have nothing better to do and anything is better than sleeping. I do not know everything but not for long. I do not lie; it’s just that my version of truth is different from yours.

Guidelines for me: B***S***. Go to sleep...


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